Frontend Developer

Sep 2015 - Sep 2016

Main techs used:


Soundzipper ( is a Singapore based acoustics consultancy company. In mid-2015 I started working with Soundzipper to develop and maintain the company's website.

Soundzipper's Homepage
Soundzipper's homepage (2016). is a typical jQuery app that uses Sass for styling. One of the requirements was to develop both an intuitive back-office and a blog. Wordpress was the perfect fit at the time (by using the ACF package, I was able to build an intuitive back-office for the website).

Sheraton ceiling
One render I made while working at Soundzipper, for a ceiling to be installed in a Sheraton hotel.

Overall, working at Soundzipper was a very fun and enriching experience. I even had the opportunity to develop my skills in graphic design and 3D rendering by engaging in some cool ongoing projects inside the company.