Ostmodern / Formula 1

Frontend Developer

Jan 2019 - Mar 2019

Main techs used:

ReactReduxRxJS/redux-observableSassCSS ModulesJestEnzyme

Ostmodern (https://ostmodern.co.uk/), a London based company, are digital product designers and content delivery experts specializing in video-centric products. Ostmodern’s client list includes big names, such as Arsenal FC, BBC and Formula 1.

F1TV app
Homepage of F1TV web app.

At Ostmodern, I worked as a frontend web developer, integrated into the web team (a multidisciplinary Scrum team) responsible for developing and maintaining the F1TV web app.

F1TV app leaderboard
F1TV web app leaderboard. The leaderboard updates in real-time, even for replays.

On the Frontend side, the F1TV app is a React/Redux SPA. The app uses the redux-observable package to handle async actions. Most of the code is covered by unit-tests, using Jest and Enzyme. CSS Modules and SASS are responsible for the styling.